Welcome to the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Nan Kai University of Technology which was founded in 1971. In this brief message, I wish to convey to you a sense of our college's mission, its vitality and diversity, and the dedication of the faculties, staffs and students in carrying out our educational and research missions.


 As the head of our college, I am extremely fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of individuals who have common goals and commitments to improve teaching and research activities, to cut through the frontiers of electrical and information knowledge to benefit the Taiwan society and mankind at large.


The College has been committed to providing a highly industry-relevant curriculum tailored to the real-world environment in order to nurture information communication technology (ICT) and engineer professionals that meet the needs of industry and society for our nation. The objectives of the College are to build partnerships with industries across the nationto further expand communication and cooperation between various departmentscollegesand universitiesand to promote activitiessuch as applying for research project grantsholding national and international conferencesand participating in the regional and national student project competitionsfor the development and benefit of the College. The faculty and staff of the College endeavor to provide students with the highest quality teaching and learning experiences as well as to foster an environment for facultystaffand students that enriches teaching and stimulates excellence in research.


The College offers in-depth advanced and practical courses and curricula which are constantly updated to keep abreast with the latest industry advancements and changes. The College currently has three departments and one graduate programsi.e.the Department of Electronics Engineeringthe Department of Electrical and Information Technology, Multimedia Animation and Application and the Graduate Institute of Electrics Engineering. Currently, there are around 2000 students including 60 students in Master program.


Presently, the department is comprised of 46 faculty and 10 support staff. We strive to be at the forefront of research and to educate our students in the fundamentals as well as emerging technologies and their applications.


If you are a current student, we hope our web page will keep you informed concerning current activities, course work, and other information. If you are one of our alumni, welcome home! We are glad to have you back. Browse through and discover what remarkable progress we continue to make in all areas of the college.


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